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Eucalyptus oil and leaves

Benefits of Using Eucalyptus-Based Products

When you hear the word ‘eucalyptus’, the first thing that naturally comes to your mind is koalas. But did you know that the eucalyptus plant …

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Eagle Brand Fresh-On-Series

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Roll-On Aromatherapy Oils

The use of aromatherapy oils as an effective method of relaxation has shown a significant increase in the past few years. Originating from the ancient …

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Singapore Medicated Oil Series

A Guide to Using Eagle Brand Medicated Oil

Among diverse brands of medicated oil products, Eagle Brand has been a trusted name in households for generations. From everyday personal use to being offered …

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Eagle Brand Medicated Oil Longevity Pack

What Is the Best Gift for Tet This Year?

The Year of the Dragon is around the corner, and everybody is busy selecting gifts for their loved ones. If you are still contemplating what …

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