Eagle Brand Medicated Oil Longevity Pack

What Is the Best Gift for Tet This Year?

The Year of the Dragon is around the corner, and everybody is busy selecting gifts for their loved ones. If you are still contemplating what to give to your beloved family for this New Year, this guide is for you. 

What’s So Special about Tet?

Tet Nguyen Dan – known as ‘Tet’ in the short form, is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, celebrated on the first day of the first month on the Vietnamese calendar. This year, it is celebrated on the 10th of February. The Lunar New Year signifies the dawn of the spring, bringing in the spirits of joy, prosperity, and good health. During this auspicious time, many immerse themselves in the age-old traditions, heralding fresh beginnings, strengthening familial bonds, and engaging in vibrant festivities. 

Among the many traditions associated with Tet, the Vietnamese place a high value on exchanging gifts with family members and relatives. Typically, gifts exchanged during Tet symbolise love and respect – which is why you need to be extra conscious when choosing a gift for your loved ones. When you take the significance of traditional practice in Vietnamese culture into account, a bottle of Green Medicated Oil can be considered one of the best gift options for Tet. In fact, it has become a common practice among Vietnamese children to gift their elders with Eagle Brand Medicated Oil to show their filial piety. 

What Makes Eagle Brand Medicated Oil Your Choice This Year?

For over a century, Eagle Brand has been your go-to choice of medicated oil brand, offering a variety of natural ingredient products from instant pain reliefs to natural disinfectants. As Tet 2024 arrives, Eagle Brand presents a coveted treasure: the Gold Bottle Pack – a symbol of prosperity, longevity, and holistic well-being.

Gold Bottle Pack: The Perfect Gift for Tet 2024

This year, Eagle brand presents the Longevity Pack that comes in two choices: the Green Medicated Oil pack and the Aromatic Medicated Oil pack. What’s more interesting? This Longevity Pack comes with two limited edition gold bottles in a dozen, symbolising wealth and prosperity in addition to good health. So gift your family and relatives with a Longevity Pack and give them the opportunity to bring home wellness and good luck. 

Eagle Brand Green Medicated Oil

Eagle Brand Green Medicated Oil

Harnessing the potency of eucalyptus oil, Eagle Brand Green Medicated Oil offers relief from various discomforts, from headaches and stomachaches to colds and dizziness. Its refreshing fragrance invigorates the senses, while its natural formulation alleviates motion sickness and itchiness caused by insect bites, ensuring wellness and comfort for the entire family.

Eagle Brand Aromatic Medicated Oil

Eagle Brand Aromatic Medicated Oil

Infused with the soothing aroma of lavender and the healing properties of eucalyptus oil, Eagle Brand Aromatic Medicated Oil offers calmness amidst life’s chaos. Beyond relieving headaches, giddiness, and insect bites, this aromatic elixir helps reduce stress and manage anxiety, promoting holistic well-being for the mind, body, and soul.

The Essence of Eagle Brand Medicated Oil

Crafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients, including eucalyptus, rose, and mint oils, Green Medicated Oil by Eagle Brand offers many benefits along with unmistakable fragrances that transcend time and borders. Following the basic principles of wellness, Eagle Brand Green Medicated Oil contains properties to relieve muscle pain, minor aches and pains, and discomfort caused by insect bites. Moreover, Eagle Brand Aromatic Medicated Oil helps to reduce anxiety and other mental distraughtness with its unique blend of fragrances and soothing properties. Therefore, our Longevity Pack would be an ideal gift to be given to your family and relatives for the upcoming New Year. 

Why Choose Eagle Brand Longevity Pack as the Perfect Gift Option?

A gift, especially for special occasions like Tet Nguyen Dan or the Lunar New Year, should carry both purpose and an appealing look. Coming in an elegant packaging, the Longevity Pack offers both. These medicated oils are contained in small, handy bottles, and they are simple to apply. Whether they are at home, at work, or travelling, anyone can conveniently apply a few drops of oil on the skin of the affected area to seek relief. 

So place an order today for this special edition product, and wish your beloved relatives prosperity and good health for the New Year!