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About Borden Company (Private) Limited

Borden Company (Private) Limited is a consumer healthcare manufacturing company based in Singapore. Globally, Borden Company (Private) Limited is best known for producing the popular Eagle Brand Medicated Oil which has become synonymously known as the “Green Oil”.

The company’s roots date back to circa 1916 when a German chemist, by the name of Wilhelm Hauffmann, began formulating several medicated products such as Hauffmann’s lemon draught and Eagle Brand pain balm. Wilhelm Hauffmann also developed a formulation for medicated oil which was distributed in Singapore by J Lea & Co. J Lea & Co was a trading house owned by Tan Jim Lay, a direct descendant of Tan Quee Lan (a prominent Singaporean businessman and philanthropist).

Distribution of the Eagle Brand Medicated Oil flourished under J Lea & Co, being well-accepted by the local market in the post-war period. With increased popularity in the use of the medicated oil, Tan Jim Lay seized the opportunity to grow the business. J Lea & Co acquired the formulation, bottle design and Eagle Brand trademark from Wilhelm Hauffmann & Company.

In 1960, the late Tan Jim Lay established a cooperation with a number of key business associates to strengthen the capital base and fortify the management of the business. Borden Company Ltd was subsequently incorporated on 26th of March 1960 to take over the business of J Lea & Co.

In 1963, Borden Company Ltd formally registered Wilhelm Hauffmann & Company as a business name under its sole ownership. In 1969, the company became Borden Company (Private) Limited and commenced manufacturing and packaging of its products within its first facilities located at Chin Chew Street in Singapore (Chinatown). Subsequently, the factory was relocated in the early 1970s to its present premises at Jalan Kilang.

Today, Borden Company (Private) Limited employs over 60 staff and operates from a purpose built 7-storey light industrial building conforming with cGMP specification. The building houses the latest pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing machinery, showroom, office and warehouse all under one roof.

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil remains the company’s core product, selling more than 100 million bottles since the company’s inception. Through dedicated research and development, the company now offers an extended range of consumer healthcare products, including the Muscular Balm, Green Balm, Yellow Balm, Muscle Rub, Capsicum Plaster, Eucalyptus Disinfected Spray, Inhaler and Eucalyptus Oils range. More recent innovation includes the development and distribution of a Tea Tree Disinfectant Spray, Eucalyptus Handwash and Aloe Mint Disinfectant Liquid to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eagle Signature Medicated Oil Product

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil is known for its unique green colour, fragrance and pain relief properties. To this day, it continues to be popular in Vietnam, where it was first exported, as a traditional remedy and “cure” for all common ailments, aches and pains. The Medicated Oil has won the favour of consumers globally and has been named Singapore’s best-selling medicated oil for many years.

Other key products include – Aromatherapy Roll On, Balm, Muscle Rub, Natural Oil, Massage Oil and Disinfectant Spray.

Eagle Brand Medicated oil range

Expanding Beyond Asia

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil products were first introduced to Vietnam in the 1960s. They have been well-received by Vietnamese consumers and are today seen as essential household items.

Outside of Asia, the brand has also established a strong foothold in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Holland, France, West Indies, Egypt, Nepal, Lebanon and in recent years, the Middle East.

What is the Eagle Brand Difference?

Eagle Brand has been trusted for generations. Yet the company does not take its achievements for granted. To keep up with the times and to meet the diverse needs of its customers, it continually invests in research and development, and creates new products to fulfil the growing demand in the market. It also places a heavy emphasis on using only premium, natural ingredients for its products.

Natural Ingredients

  • Eagle Brand products uses safe and natural ingredients.
  • We use premium grade natural essential oils in all our products.

Strong R&D Focus

  • Eagle Brand’s manufacturing facilities have grown from a single-storey detached factory to a purpose-built 7-storey light industrial building that complies with the Health Sciences Authority’s Good Manufacturing Practice standards.
  • Our dedicated R&D team has created an extended range of pharmaceutical products aimed at promoting wellness and pain relief.

Brand Heritage

  • Eagle Brand signature Medicated Oil is well known for its unique fragrance and striking green colour.
  • With over 100 years of heritage and history, Eagle Brand medicated oil has firmly established itself as a household staple.
  • The brand has been named one of the best-selling Medicated Oils in Singapore for many years.

Global Distribution & Appeal

  • One of Eagle Brand’s first key export markets for medicated oil was Vietnam, a move that further opened the door to the rest of the world.
  • While Southeast Asia remains a key region for the company, the brand has gained traction worldwide in over 30 different markets as a cure-all for common ailments, aches and pains.
  • Even today, Eagle Brand is highly sought after by visitors to Singapore from abroad as a traditional remedy appreciated by generations of Asians everywhere.

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