We offer premium quality aromatherapy and medicated oils extracted from natural plant ingredients. We are a GMP-certified manufacturing company that has been leading the industry for over 100 years. Our products are tested and certified under excellent conditions that comply with the Health Sciences Authority’s Good Manufacturing Practice standards and are sold in over 30 countries around the world.
Our product range varies from medicated oils, and pain relief remedies to aromatherapy oils. We have insect-repellent sprays, natural disinfectant sprays, aromatherapy roll-ons, muscle rubs, and other products such as capsicum plaster in stock. Our products are known to alleviate muscle pain, insect bites, headaches, and fatigue, and keep your household clean and fresh.
Eagle Brand products are available both online and offline. You can either buy our products at the nearest supermarket or pharmacy or order online on Guardian Singapore, Watsons Singapore, Lazada, Shopee, or FairPrice Online. All you need to do is to select your desired items and check out.
Aromatherapy oils are highly concentrated and too strong to be ingested. They are a concoction of organic chemical compounds unique to the plant family from which they were extracted. The extraction and distillation of aromatherapy oils destroy the plant’s nutrition, as basic chemistry teaches us. As such, they are not nutritious because they contain little to no vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, or hormones that are either water-soluble or fat-soluble. As the ingestion of aromatherapy oils can cause toxicity, make sure not to store them in the vicinity of children and pets. If ingested by accident, seek immediate medical care.
Light can affect oils. The quality of the medicated or aromatherapy oils might be damaged by direct sunlight because it heats them. Therefore, we advise keeping them somewhere dry, cool, and dark. The best method to protect your oils is using storage boxes.

An expectant mother can benefit greatly from aromatherapy oils, which have advantages such as pain alleviation, soothing, sleeping, energy, and mental grounding. However, it is good to use them under medical advice as some may have allergies and other health conditions.
Kindly consult your doctor if you’re breastfeeding. Do not use it on babies or children under 2 years old and do not apply into nostrils.

During the first few months of motherhood, diffusing aromatherapy oils is considered to be safe.

Aromatherapy oil roll-on is safe for children above 2 years. However, to avoid ingestion, topical application is not recommended up until they are old enough to comprehend.

The four best places to apply roll-on aromatherapy oil are the back of your neck, behind the ears, on the wrists, and the temples. As they are pulse points, you will feel the effect of the aromatherapy oils better when applied to those areas.
Eagle Brand Naturoil MozzieGone Mosquito Repellent and Eagle Brand Naturoil Citronella Oil are the best products to repel mosquitoes. They are DEET-free and come with a strong scent that drives mosquitoes away and their effect lasts longer.

Natural Disinfectant Eucalyptus Spray and Natural Disinfectant and Antiseptic Tea Tree Spray are our best-selling disinfectant products. They are convenient to use and keep your household clean, killing 99.9% of bacteria. They come with soothing natural aromas that help eliminate foul odors.

To maintain good hygiene, we recommend our Eucalyptus Handwash and Tea Tree Handwash which contain natural essential oils. They are paraben-free and contain antiseptic properties. They have a balanced PH level and do not cause any skin irritation.

If you are looking for a personal hygienic spray, Naturoil Tea Tree Hygienic Solution is the best to recommend, containing natural tea tree essential oil that sanitizes your personal items such as keys, credit cards, and mobile phones and surroundings with a 99.9% bacteria elimination capacity. However, to be extra careful, always conduct a ‘patch test’ before using it.