Eagle Brand Inhaler,
Capsicum Plaster
And Baby Oil
Eagle Brand plaster, inhaler and eucalyptus baby oil


Fast Acting Pain Relief Starts Here

Tired of bearing with aches and pains? Or finding that your nose is blocked or your head is spinning? Or need to soothe your baby’s tummy discomfort? Try Eagle Brand Capsicum Plaster, Inhaler, and Baby Oil range for fast and effective relief of different pains that may arise.

eagle brand capsicum plaster

Eagle Brand
Capsicum Plaster

  • Long-lasting pain relief with hot sensation
  • Non-greasy and convenient to apply
  • Available size: 6 patches

Eagle Brand Capsicum Plaster is made from a special herbal blend with natural capsicum extract. Proven to provide long lasting relief for muscular pain, muscular fatigue, backaches, stiff shoulders and arthritic pain.

Capsicum extract helps to stimulate blood circulation and improve blood flow. It works fast to alleviate aches and soothe muscle pains. This natural plant extract also acts as a powerful catalyst for the other complementary herbs in the plaster and allows the plaster to work its healing wonders.

eagle brand inhaler

Eagle Brand

  • Clears blocked and stuffy noses
  • Pocket-sized and convenient for on-the-go usage
  • Available size: 4g

Say goodbye to stuffy and blocked noses with our Eagle Brand Nasal Inhaler. Simply insert the nasal inhaler into each nostril and breathe in deeply.

The inhaler’s unique blend of menthol, eucalyptus oil and essential oils combines into a soothing vapour to alleviate your cold symptoms fast and effectively.

Eagle Brand eucalyptus baby oil

Eagle Brand
Baby Oil and Baby Oil Plus

  • Quick relief for stomach wind and discomfort for your little one
  • Contains coconut oil, eucalyptus oil and fennel oil
  • Available size: 30ml and 60ml

Eagle Brand Baby Oil provides quick relief for stomach wind and discomfort in babies and young children. Available in two sizes, 30ml and 60ml, it is made with the natural goodness of coconut oil, eucalyptus oil and fennel oil. Our Baby Oil can also be used as a relaxing and warming oil for your young ones, as it helps soothe them to sleep.

To apply, simply rub 5-10 drops of Baby Oil on the chest, stomach, hips and feet. It can be used at any time, especially after a bath or in cool weather.

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