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Fresh On: The Modern Choice of Medicated Oil

Medicated oils have been helping people in many ways throughout history. Applying medicated oil to relieve headaches, body pains, stress, fatigue, nausea, and giddiness has been a widespread practice among Singaporeans for years. In the early days, these essential oils extracted from plants used to come in small bottles and were either applied to the skin by hand or inhaled through diffusion to relieve various health problems. However, these traditional methods of application can sometimes be a hassle due to several reasons. Taking your convenience and comfort on a serious note, Eagle Brand has introduced Fresh On Aromatherapy Roll On, a new type of medicated oil roll-on in Singapore for you to relieve your pains and aches quickly and effectively with little to no complications. 

What is Fresh On Aromatherapy Roll-On?

Fresh On is an aromatherapy roll-on by Eagle Brand that comes in three different fragrances: Original Citrus, Lavender and Barley Mint. It comes in 8ml glass bottles with a high quality stainless steel rollerball that fits easily in your pocket or your purse. With Fresh On Aromatherapy Roll On, you can instantly boost your fading energy on the go. 

Why is roll-on better than the traditional method of medicated oil application?

Even though medicated oils have been used for many purposes in the past, the roll-on is a recent discovery that made their application much more convenient. In the early days, medicated oils were mostly applied to the skin by hand. Instead of roll-on bottles, they were stored in bulky bottles that were difficult to carry around. There are also some concerns with the traditional method of medicated oil application such as:

  • It isn’t easy to apply without touching the oil.
  • The container is often prone to spillage. 
  • It is inconvenient to carry the oil wherever you go. 
  • It isn’t easy to apply the right amount of oil by hand. 
  • It often causes wastage. 
  • It carries a traditional medicated oil smell 

With Fresh On aromatherapy roll-on, now you can relieve your aches, pains, and fatigue instantly, conveniently applying while facing none of the above problems. Fresh On aromatherapy roll-on is the best choice because:

  • It is easy to apply.
  • It causes zero spillage.
  • It helps you apply the right amount of oil.
  • It’s designed in a stainless steel roller ball bottles for easy application
  • You can roll the oil on your skin without getting it on your hand.
  • It comes with a relaxing and calming aromatic scent.

What Do Fresh On Aromatherapy Oils Do?

Eagle Brand Fresh On aromatherapy roll-on in Singapore is popular as an excellent remedy for everyday body discomfort  that hinder your day-to-day life. From nausea to stress, Eagle Brand Fresh On has got different varieties of oils to relieve each of your discomforts. 

Original Citrus

Citrus is famous for its refreshing scents. The zesty, minty aroma of Original Citrus fights fatigue and helps energize your day. In addition, it instantly unblocks your nose if you are suffering from a cold.  


Lavender is a leading member of the essential oil family. Fresh On Lavender calms you on busy days, alleviating your anxiety with its earthy and floral scent. It relieves your stress and headaches, making your day bright and efficient. 

Barley Mint

The sweet and soothing fragrance of Barley Mint helps you soothe the motion sickness and nausea. All you have to do is gently glide the rollerball on pulse points – on your neck, on the wrists, on the temples, bottom of feet, and behind the ears. 

Looking for the best aromatherapy roll-on in Singapore?

When it comes to medicated oils, the last factor that you should compromise on is their quality. Try Eagle Brand Fresh On Aromatherapy Roll On  to enjoy the produce of high-quality medicated oils in Singapore. Drop by your nearest pharmacy or supermarket to get your bottle of Fresh On Aromatherapy Roll On today! You can also purchase our products online at our Eagle Brand official store on Lazada and Shopee.