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Four Best Places To Apply Roll-On Essential Oils

Fresh On aromatherapy roll-on are a special blend of essential oils packaged neatly in a rollerball bottle, and they allow for easy storage and application with no wastage. When Aromatherapy roll-ons are applied onto the body, their healing components are absorbed through the pores and into the bloodstream, before dispersing to specific organs and systems on which they work on.

Aromatherapy roll-ons bring numerous benefits to your mind and body. To achieve the best effects, Fresh On aromatherapy roll-on should be applied to areas of the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These areas, also known as pulse points, allow for quicker absorption of the oils. While you can apply essential oil roll-ons onto any part of your body, these four main spots are the most effective.

1. Back of neck

According to research, the suboccipital triangle (space bordered by muscles and ligaments deep in the posterior neck) is one of the best places to apply aromatherapy roll-ons for headaches and migraines [1]. 

This region of the neck is close to the arterial flow of the brain and key neurological tissue, which allows for essential oils to be thoroughly absorbed by the blood vessels and brain. It also enables you to experience the effects of the Fresh On aromatherapy roll-on much faster as well.

2. Behind the ears

Our skin has different thicknesses across the body. In particular, the spot behind our ears has some of the most permeable layers that makes it easier for essential oils to be absorbed into the skin. 

Additionally, your mastoid pressure point is also conveniently located behind the ear. When aromatherapy roll-ons are applied onto this pressure point, it can help you to experience greater pain relief from inflammation and swelling [2].

3. On the wrists

The inner wrist is a pulse point that has your radial artery running through it, making it easy for your body to absorb the essential oils into your bloodstream. As a large volume of blood moves through this area, it also makes the wrist slightly warmer than other parts of the arm. 

When an aromatherapy roll-on are applied to warmer areas, it can help heighten the aroma of the oils, providing better inhalation sensations.

4. On the temples

The temples are also another pulse point that is located on the side of our heads, between the forehead and the ears. Typically, most people would rub their temples to relieve headaches and migraines. As our temples contain blood vessels that are close to the skin, any essential oils applied here will be easily absorbed into our system.

How to Use Aromatherapy Roll-On?

Using an aromatherapy roll-on is a quite simple procedure. Firmly hold your roll-on bottle, carefully remove the cap, and roll the rollerball over the desired areas of your skin in a circular motion. As the oil is highly concentrated, make sure not to apply it excessively to avoid skin irritations.

Aromatherapy roll-on can be applied to any part of your body such as the temple, behind your neck, abdomen, and wrist, avoiding highly sensitive areas such as the eyes. Studies have revealed that the above-mentioned pulse points are the best areas for the application as they are close to the main blood vessels that absorb and carry the properties of the oil throughout your body. Aromatherapy roll-ons are only produced for topical applications. Therefore, always be cautious not to ingest them. If ingested accidentally, you may seek medical advice to avoid complications.

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